Richland Bombers
Future Class of '67
Marcus Whitman Grade School
First Grade ~ Mrs. Sterling

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Picture provided by Leland Upson ('63)

Future class of '67

BACK ROW: 1.HowardMassey, 2.BruceJackson, 3.JayMiller, 4.GregoryHobson, 5.GrantRichardson, 6.KennethHaney, 7.LeonMaxwell, 8.DannyCook, 9.Mrs.Sterling.

MIDDLE ROW: 1.RobbyKimbrough, 2.DennyBrightman, 3.RichyEastlund, 4.AllenHarvey, 5.CatherineSteach, 6.JeffUpson, 7.PhilipSchulz, 8.CraigBrooks, 9.PaulineMarble.

FRONT ROW: 1.SusanO'Malley, 2.ChristineRousseau, 3.ReneePeterson, 4.SandraSomdahl, 5.BruceMurr, 6.SusanButton, 7.MarilynRoberts, 8.MildredRainey, 9.LindaCarroll.

Absent becuase of measles: TerriGates, BrendaShrives, MargieHanson, MaureenSpeary and DannyWagenaar.

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