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Missing Classmates

If you are able to provide any information on these people, please email Pam DeVRIES Laughery.

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1967 Class Roster typed by Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66).

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James Wendell "Jim/Jimmie" ADAIR ~Email, Dale Edward ADKINS ~Email, Tere B. ALFONZO (Honorary) ~Email, Doreen Elizabeth ALLEN (Missing), Richard Gayle "Rick" ALLEN, Victoria Lynne "Vicki" ANDERSEN Simmons ~Email, Aaron A. ANDERSON ~Email, Robert Earl "ROB" ANDERSON Jr (Deceased) 5/28/48-4/28/71, Don ANDREWS (Honorary) ~Email, Bonnie Lou ARNOLD McDonald (Deceased) 1/20/49-10/13/01, Clayton ARTZ (Honorary) ~Email.

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John Anthony BAALMAN ~Email, Teresa Elaine BAKER (Missing), Lorne Dale BANGERT Jr ~Email, Dana A. BANKEMPER, Robert Owen "Bob" BARNETT, Lewayne Jae BARNHART (Deceased) 7/13/49-8/8/83, Mary BARRATT (Honorary) ~Email, Marilyn BATEMAN Gardner ~Email, Roger Dennis BATES ~Email, Carolyn BATTERSHELL Montague ~Email, Charles Alton "Chuck" BEATY, Christopher D. "Chris" BECKMAN ~Email, Elaine Joyce BEERS Hagan (Deceased) 10/31/48-12/27/14, Dawn Elaine BELL Rich ~Email, Gail BENITZ Hanson ~Email, Marsh Evans BENNETT, Laura Anne BENTON Steffen (Deceased) 5/17/49-8/19/09, Dean Stewart BERGAM (Honorary) (Deceased) 9/17/49-4/19/98, Roger Steven BERGDAHL ~Email, Mary L. BEVACQUA (Honorary) ~Email, Gregory "Scott" BEYER ~Email, Diane BIRD Izzo ~Email, David Curtis BISHOP (Deceased) 2/20/48-4/29/06, Jim BLAKELY (Honorary) ~Email, Clint Burl BLALOCK (Honorary), Stephen Robert "Steve" BOCK ~Email, Linda Lorraine BOHRINGER Clausnitzer ~Email, Jon Dean BOISONEAU ® ~Email, Suzanne Marie "Suzi" BONESS Kaveckis ~Email, Renee BOSCH Magna (Deceased) 11/12/48-10/9/00, Deborah Lea "Debbie" BOSHER Neuroth ~Email, Rebackah "Becky" BOTSFORD Trullinger (Honorary) ~Email, Jim Dewayne BOUSLAUGH (Deceased) 10/5/48-6/14/08, Penny Lee BOWEN Cates, Lee Gallaher BOWERS ~Email, Gerald Francis "Jerry" BOYD, Joanne Cheryl BOYD ~Email, Peter Frederick "Pete" BRADWAY, Cynthia Louise "Cindy" BRASFIELD Ducich ~Email, Irmina Elrike "Ina" BREINL Veith (Foreign Exchange Student from Austria) ~Email, Dennis A. BRIGHTMAN, Allen "Tanner" BROWN III (Missing), Craig Olin BROWN ~Email, Molly Elizabeth BROWN Boulange ~Email, Nicola Lee "Nickie" BROWN (Missing), Timothy Laughlin "Tim" BROWN, Lawrence Wayne "Larry" BRUNELLE ~Email, Timothy Allen "Tim" BRUNO, David L. "Dave" BRYANT ~Email, Arvin BUCHHOLZ (Honorary) ~Email, Craig Madison BULLOCK ~Email, Constance Lynn "Connie" BURNETT Wood ~Email, William Randall "Randy" BURNS (Deceased) 9/23/49-9/16/12, Gene V. BURRILL (Honorary) (Deceased) 10/8/49-10/13/10, David Spencer BUSH ~Email, Perry King BUSHNELL ~Email, Karen Ann BUSTAD (Honorary) (Deceased) 1949-7/15/83, Susan Kaye BUTTON (Deceased) 3/17/49-7/18/09, Judy Camille BYRD Kophs.

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Deborah "Debbie" U. CAHN ~Email, Joseph Michael "Joe" CAMPBELL ~Email, Michael Lynn "Mike" CAMPBELL ~Email, Nancy Jean CAMPBELL (Deceased) 9/4/49-4/12/96, Terry Dean CANOY (Deceased) 5/5/48-4/28/99, Judy Ann CARAWAY Carroll ~Email, Kathleen Alice "Kathy" CARRAGHER (aka) Kathy CARRAHER ~Email, Douglas L. "Doug" CARROLL ~Email, Rexford James Sean "Rex" CASILLAS ~Email, Mike CASSANO (Honorary), Marcia Ann CHAPMAN Debotton ~Email, Gary Wayne CHRISTIAN ~Email, Barbara Jean CLARK Kauffman ~Email, Glenna "Jo" CLARK Donahoo ~Email, Katherine Anna "Kathi" CLARK Eder ~Email, Dennis Paul CLAYTON ~Email, Frances Louise "Franci" CLAYTON (Missing), Karen Jean CLINE Stamey (Deceased) 1/2/49-5/23/12, Elaine COFFEE Warren, Phillip Edward "Phil" COLLINS ~Email, Rod COLLINS (Honorary) ~Email, Thomas Reed "Tom" COLLINS ~Email, Dyanna Lynn COOK Forsythe ~Email, Penny Ann CORNELISON Williamson ~Email, Kay Frances A. COSTON (Missing), Craig Lee COWAN (Deceased) 12/5/48-11/11/08, J'Neanne Mary COX Richter, Linda Grayce CRAIG (Deceased) 12/31/49-11/26/05, Charles David "Chuck" CRAWLEY ~Email, Andrea Lin "Andee" CREIGHTON Mansfield ~Email, Jene Lee CREWDSON McNearney-Thiele ~Email, Karen Lee CROWDER ~Email, Peter Louis "Pete" CROWLEY ~Email, Dennis Michael CUMMINS ~Email, Timothy Alan "Tim" CURD ~Email.

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Jess DANIEL® ~Email, Sherri Lynn DAUGHERTY Elliott ~Email, Kenneth Raymond "Ken" DAVIS (Honorary) (Missing), Diane Lynn DeGOOYER Nicholson® ~Email, Cynthia Ann DeHART Adkins ~Email, Michael Paul "Mike" DeMERS ~Email, Steven Lawrence "Steve" DeMEYER ~Email, Scott Arthur DENLER ~Email, Richard Dale "Rick" DENNIS, Linda "Carol" DENNY Guinn (Deceased) 11/8/48-4/13/12, Danny Ray "Dan" DERANLEAU ~Email, Robert Louis "Bob" DeSOTO (Deceased) 2/13/49-4/21/15, John Gilmore DeVINE ~Email, Kenneth Franke "Kenny/Ken" DeVINE (Deceased) 1/23/49-8/19/68, Mark Goodwin DeVOSS ~Email, Pamella Harriet "Pam" DeVRIES Laughery® ~Email, Dianne J. DICKEMAN ~Email, Rita Fay DIDWAY Bateman ~Email, Tony DIRIENZO (Honorary), Daniel Russell DOBBIN ~Email, Dennis John DOERR ~Email, Samuel Farrell "Sam" DOSSETT (Deceased) 10/8/49-4/6/02, Judy Ann DUDLEY Oyler ~Email, Theresa Ann "Terri" DUFAULT, Melanie DUKES Heffner (Honorary) ~Email, Peter Martin "Pete" DULLUM (Deceased) 4/20/49-10/20/71, Eugene Dee "Gene" DUMLER ~Email, Joyce Lee DURHAM Demarest ~Email, Larry DUSTIN (Honorary).

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Linda Jean EARP (aka) Linda Jean GODDARD Earp ~Email, Pamela "Pam" EHINGER ~Email, Judith Eileen "Judi" EKLUND Meyer, Gary Richard ELL ~Email, Susan Faye ELLER Rosenblum (Deceased) 5/8/49-7/28/13 , Jon D. ELLIOTT (Honorary) ~Email, Linda "Diane" EMMONS, Constance Eleanor "Connie" ENGLER Cummings ~Email, Norman J. "Norm" ENGLUND ~Email, Jon Owen ERLANDSON, Nancy Karen ERLANDSON Ballard ~Email, John Richard "Dick" EVANS ~Email.

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Francis Henri "Frank" FARRENS (Honorary), Barbara Ann "Barb" FECHT® ~Email, Jean Ann FEHRENBACKER Herbert ~Email, James Franklin "Jim" FELDER ~Email, Linda Leigh FISHER Daniel ~Email, Richard A. "Dick" FITZMAURICE (Honorary) ~Email, Patricia Mary "Patty" FITZPATRICK ~Email, David Michael "Dave" FIX (Deceased) 3/2/49-8/30/15, Pamela Joan "Pam" FLEISCHER ~Email, Robert Francis "Bob" FLORES (Deceased) 3/11/48-12/31/13, Larry Leroy FORAKER ~Email, Suzan Irene "Sue" FOSTER Wiberg ~Email, Charles "Skip" FOWLER (Honorary) ~Email, Michael Craig "Mike" FOWLER ~Email, Barbara Rose FRANCO Sherer ~Email, Robert Graves "Bob" FRISBIE ~Email , Bruce Anthony FROST ~Email, David James "Dave" FUNDERBURG ~Email, Jeff FUNDERBURK (Honorary) ~Email, Timothy Paul "Tim" FUNK ~Email, Laren Wayne FUSMAN ~Email.

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Edward Vance "Ed" GAGE ~Email, Myrna GALE Hoopes ~Email, Larry Glenn GANA (Missing), Al Bert GEISER (Missing), Wendy Susan GEORGE (Missing), Janina "Jany" GHIGLINO Bambaren (Foreign Exchange Student from Peru) ~Email, Michael Patrick "Mike" GIER ~Email, Barbara M. GILE Larsen ~Email, Willard Jacy "Bill" GIRE ~Email, Candace Marie "Candy" GLADSTONE Devary ~Email, Shelley Ann GLADSTONE Noble ~Email, Linda Jean GODDARD (aka) Linda Jean EARP ~Email, Brenda Kay GODWIN Lorance ~Email, Patricia Lea "Patti" GOODENOW Underwood ~Email , M. Michele GORDON Hoverter ~Email, Barbara Jean GORE McCleary ~Email, Gregory Michael "Greg" GRADY ~Email, Robert Lee "Bob" GRAHAM (Honorary) (Deceased) 2/23/48-3/6/18, Janet Emily GREEN Chakraborty (Honorary) ~Email, Julia Ellis GREEN Brody (Missing), Michael Jay GREENOUGH ~Email, Marilin Louise GREENWELL Wolford® ~Email, Debora Jan GREGER ~Email, Maryanne GRENIGER Merritt (Honorary) ~Email, Michael Howard GRIFFIN ~Email, Victoria Lynn "Vicky" GRUBB Vreeland (Honorary) ~Email, Janell Marie GURWELL Fowler.

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Nancy Lynn HAGEMEIER ~Email, Steven Gordon "Steve" HALSETH (Deceased) 1/5/49-5/27/04, John Austin HAMMER ~Email, Nancy Rae HAMMOND Montano, Jo HANSEN Campbell (Honorary) (Missing), Robert Allan HANSEN (Missing), Ronald Lee "Ron" HANSEN (Deceased) 12/24/48-12/26/18, Jackie Faye HANSON Hewett ~Email, Kenton C. HANSON (Missing), Franceen V.S.S. HARKINS Herron ~Email, Kristi Ileene HARMON Branham (Deceased) 3/31/49-2/17/19, Edith Myrna "Edie" HARRIS Tadlock (Deceased) 1/14/49-5/7/72, John Edward HARRIS, Keith Allen HARRIS (Honorary) (Deceased) 10/20/47-6/8/05, Scott Louis HARTCORN ~Email, Jane Louise HARTY Marshall ~Email, Alan Charles HARVEY ~Email, Roland Alan HARVEY Jr(Deceased) 1/21/49-11/26/76, Evelyn Ann "Elia" HAWORTH ~Email, Charles Edward "Chuck" HEATH ~Email, Ann Marie HEDGES ~Email, Vicki Lynn HELGERSON Bainard ~Email, Gibson HENDERSON (Honorary), Robbin Ruth HENDERSON Roberts ~Email, Marian Elizabeth HENNINGS ~Email, Steven C. "Steve" HERALD (Deceased) 12/12/48-7/4/83, Maida Maria HERNANDEZ Keith ~Email, William Clayson "Bill" HICKMAN ~Email, Katheryn "Kate" HILLS Krafft ~Email, Fred Lawrence HINKLE ~Email, Gail HINKLE Powell (Honorary) ~Email, Gregory Thomas "Greg" HOBSON ~Email, Patrick Glynn "Pat" HOGAN~Email, Donna Gwyn HOGLEN Laut ~Email, Michael Everett HOKE ~Email, Patricia R. "Pat" HOLDEN (Missing), Dianne Carol HOLLOWAY Greenwald ~Email, Randolph Lee "Randy" HOLMAN (Honorary) ~Email, Joseph Cleo "Joe" HOLT ~Email, Marsha Rose HOPFINGER Sork (Deceased) 5/29/49-11/5/18, Ellen Kay HORNE Dale (Honorary) ~Email, Sharman Noreen HOUSTON ~Email, Roger Thomas HOWARD, Dennis Eugene HUESTIES (Deceased) 5/31/49-1/29/98, Garland Ralph HUFF, Mary Eileen HURST Palmquist ~Email, Kay Lynne HUTCHINSON Knox ~Email.

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Dianne Marie INGALLS Davis ~Email, Susan Gail "Susie" IRISH Ulrickson ~Email.

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Bruce James JACKSON ~Email, George Samuel JACKY (Honorary) (Deceased) 2/5/49-4/28/00, David Leslie "Dave" JACOBS (Deceased) 4/29/49-2/20/01, Jay Leslie JAHNKE ~Email, Daryl David JECH, Alison Marie JENNE Satterlee (Deceased) 9/25/49-8/4/14, Brian Murray JOHNSON (Missing), Gary Wayne JOHNSON ~Email , Steve JOHNSON (Honorary) ~Email, Thomas Harry JOHNSON, Kenneth Lindell "Ken" JOLLEY ~Email, Janet M. "Jan" JONES Becker (Honorary) (Deceased) 5/21/49-12/16/16, Lawrence Merl "Larry" JONES ~Email, Marjorie Grosvenor "Peggy" JONES Snow (Deceased) 12/29/48-8/23/04, Joanne Marie JORDAN Pearce (Deceased) 6/30/49-5/23/88, Mary JOYCE.

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William Thorvald "Bill" KAAS (Deceased) 11/17/48-2/24/19, Andre Gerard "Andy" KAFENTZIS (Honorary), Stanley Paul "Stan" KAVECKIS ~Email, Sheila Anne KEIGHER Sargent ~Email , Stephen Paul KELLY, Mary Jane KENNEDY Erlandson ~Email, Walter Randolph "Randy" KERR, George Dunworthy "Woody" KESEL (Honorary) (Deceased) 8/17/49-7/23/08 , Peggy Jeanette "Peg" KESTELL Hume ~Email, Steven Harold "Steve" KING ~Email, Janice Marie KIRKPATRICK Dorchak (Deceased) 12/18/47-3/16/19 , Alan Everett KISSINGER ~Email, Judy KLEINPETER Peterson ~Email, Brice Edwin KLUCAS (Deceased) 7/9/49-6/11/02, Richard Martin KNOEBER (Deceased) 6/19/49-12/14/82, Jerry Dean KOEPP (Deceased) 5/7/49-12/2/15, Gregory Allen "Greg" KORNBERG, Kathleen Ann "Kathy" KRAEMER Fisher ~Email ~ Kathy's Home Page, Paulette Marie KRAJCIK Fortune ~Email, Carol Jean KULICK Westover ~Email, Linda KULICK Caprai (Honorary) (Missing).

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Werner M. LAMP (Foreign Exchange Student from Germany) (Missing), Clifford Byron "Cliff" LANE aka Anold Byron LANE (Deceased) 5/10/49-2/10/17, Michael Leo "Mike" LANGE ~Email, Rebecca Kaye "Becky" (Hanson) LANGE McGahan ~Email, James Robert "Jim" LaRIVIERE ~Email, Elizabeth "Betty" LARSEN Gray (Deceased) 11/25/49-4/27/17, Jeffrey Serge "Jeff" LARSEN ~Email, Peggy Lynn LARSON Jones (Missing), Francis "Duane" LEE ~Email, Nancy Kay LEE Linville ~Email, Larry Dean LEINGANG ~Email, Jeanne Louise LEWIS Pantone, Judy Teresa LEY Warninger ~Email, Christopher Bjorn "C.B." LIH ~Email, Craig Alan LINDSTROM ~Email, Shelley Marie "Sheli" LISH Sorenson (Deceased) 2/14/49-5/29/85, Anna Lea LOCKE Morissette ~Email, Roy Leo LOCKE, Michael H. "Mike" LONERGAN ~Email, Scott Nixon LUKE ~Email.

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Janice Marie "Jan" MAASEN Fouts ~Email, Myrna Margaret MABBUTT Harting ~Email, Anne E. MACAK (Honorary), Ricker Alan "Rick" MADDY ~Email, Mary Elizabeth "Betsy" MAGUIRE Marshall ~Email, Michael Lee "Mike" MAKI ~Email, Chris George MANOLOPOULOS ~Email, David Arthur "Dave" MARSH ® ~Email, James Andrew "Jim" MARSHALL, Joseph Edmond "Joe" MARSHALL, Howard Dale MASSEY ~Email, Thomas Henry "Tom" MATTERN ~Email, Linda Louise MAXFIELD Saxton (Deceased) 12/7/48-4/15/01, Leon E. MAXWELL, Allan H. "Al" MAYNARD ~Email, Penny Lee McALLISTER Dabato ~Email, Terry Ronald McBARRON ~Email, David B. "Dave" McCAULEY ~Email , Mary Esther McCUE Hansen ~Email, David Alan "Dave" McDANIEL ~Email, Delores Louise M. McDONALD Werner ~Email, Jeannette McGEE Jones ~Email, Jeannine McGEE McComb ~Email, Larry Dean McLERRAN ~Email, Patricia Lynn "Patti" McLERRAN ~Email, Susan Marie McNEARNEY (Missing), Patricia Lynn "Patty" MEADOR Ryan (Deceased) 1948-1989, Kenneth Allan "Ken" MEEK ~Email, Natalie Jean MEEKS®, Judith Lillian "Judy" MERCIER Tensmeyer ~Email, Mary Lou METZ O'Rourke ~Email, R. "Mike" MICKLICH (Honorary) ~Email, Nancy Chere` MIDDLETON Lane (Deceased) 11/24/48-6/19/15, John Howard MILES ~Email, David L. "Dave" MILLER ~Email, Glenn W. MILLER ~Email, Henry Thomas "Tom" MILLER ~Email, Kenneth Andrew "Ken" MILLER (Deceased) 6/4/48-8/6/12, Ray Loren MILLER (Missing), Bert Allen MITCHELL ~Email, Charles Frederick "Fred" MOBERG, Patti Ann MOLLER ~Email, Garry Lynn MONTGOMERY (Deceased) 9/6/49-5/13/79, Joseph Clive "Joe" MONTGOMERY ~Email, Michael D. "Mike" MONTGOMERY ~Email, Gena Renee MOODY (Missing), Cyd MOORE Wallbaum, George Perrin MOORE ~Email, Stephen Philip "Steve" MOORE, Albert "Boyd" MORGENTHALER ~Email, Judith Ann "Judy" MOYERS Lash ~Email, Connie Jean MUDD Barkhuff ~Email, Mary Lou MUNSON Smith ~Email.

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Peggy Alma "Peg" NAEGLE Alamano ~Email, Sharon Marie "Shari" NAPORA Bennett ~Email, Gary W. NELSON (Deceased) 3/7/49-7/30/18, Jim R. NELSON ~Email, Peggy Lee NELSON Goodwin (Missing), Sharon Mae NELSON Rhodes ~Email, Susan Kay "Suz"/Susie" NELSON Smith (Deceased) 12/18/48-11/1/18, Cynthia Jean "Cindy" NEUMAYER Morgan, Wendy Frances NEWBY Johnson, Lawrence William "Larry" NOLAND (Deceased) 1/14/49-1/2/96, Mary Eileen NORBERG Whitemarsh ~Email, Sarah Eloise NORMAN (Missing).

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Ronald Alvin OAK, Steven Raymond "Steve" OAK ~Email, Sandra Lee OAKES Snyder ~Email, Gregory Arthur "Greg" OBERG ~Email, John William O'CLAIRE ~Email, Dorothy A. "Dee" O'CONNELL McMurrey ~Email, Susan Patricia O'KEEFE Tavenner ~Email, Ronald A. O'KURA (Missing), Sue Ann OLSEN Shaffer ~Email, Susan Marilyn "Suzi" O'MALLEY Bock ~Email, James William "Jim" OSBORNE (Deceased) 6/17/49-8/3/82.

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Paul Clayton PAGE (Deceased) 8/13/48-12/15/17, Mark Alton PALMER ~Email, Bonnie Elaine PANELL (Missing), Gary Thomas PANELL, Stephen Paul "Steve" PANTHER ~Email, Marcia Elizabeth PARKER Reck ~Email, Nelda Jean PARKER~Email, Mary Virginia "Ginny" PATTON Matchette ~Email, David Lawrence "Dave" PEARSON ~Email, Robert Scott "Bob" PEARSON, Elizabeth Ann "Beth" PEDERSEN Baker ~Email, Michael Charles "Mike" PERKINS ~Email, Christina Irene "Christy" PETERSEN Cressey ~Email, Bradley Wallace PETERSON, Renae Ila PETERSON Osborne, Roberta Ann PETERSON (Missing), Patricia June "Patsy" PETTY Sparks ~Email, John Alan PIERCE ~Email, Richard Allan "Dick" PIERCE ~Email, Barbara Jo "Barb" PIERICK Bagliere~Email, Judee Marie PITMAN Nerren ~EMAIL, Linda Karon PITNEY Scott~Email, Marita Louisa PLACHTA Lih ~Email, Linda Fae POHLOD Rushing (Missing), Marsha Lynn POLK ~Email, Glenn Lee POLLARD, Sharon Marlene POPP Wise ~Email, Alan Dean PORTER (Deceased) 2/28/49-4/10/09, Cheryl Lynn PORTER Tatro ~Email, JoDene "Jody" POWELL Packard ~Email, Glenna Faye PRATT Byers ~Email, Mike PRICE (Honorary) ~Email, Blaine PRITCHETT ~Email.

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Elaine QUIGLEY Davis ~Email

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Richard Lee "Rick" RAKESTRAW (Deceased) 5/7/49-7/26/14, Rebecca Rae "Becky" RASMUS Douglass ~Email, Hal Campbell RATHVON ~Email, Linda Kay RECTOR ~Email, David Earl "Dave" REGIMBAL (Deceased) 6/2/49-11/19/18, Ray M. REHM ~Email, Linda Elaine REPPOND Carlisle ~Email, Norman E. RHODES, Grant William RICHARDSON ~Email, Virginia Lou "Ginny" RICHMOND Ross ~Email, Mary Jackson RICKARD ~Email, Janice Elaine RIESE Dierdorff ~Email, James William "Bill" RIGHTMIRE Jr (Deceased) 6/7/49-7/8/00, Rebecca Ann "Becky" RIGNEY Murphy ~Email, Cheryl Lee RILEY (Deceased) 8/8/49-4/7/71, Steven Earl "Steve" RINEHART ~Email, Candice Lee "Candi" ROBERTS, Elaine Kay ROBERTS Ruppert ~Email, John Arthur ROBERTS, Deana Lynn ROBERTSON Colley ~Email, Jerry Richard RODGERS (Deceased) 7/7/49-10/20/09, Barbara V. ROMINE Salas ~Email, Judith Ann ROSE Carroll ~Email, John Phillip RUPPERT ~Email, Jolene RUPPERT Massey, Dianne Rae RUSSELL (Deceased) 6/30/48-12/18/14, James "De" Moss RUSSELL (Deceased) 1949-2/20/13, Lloyd C. "Lucky" RUSSELL (Deceased) 12/4/48-2/19/05.

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Mary Ann SABA Carrico ~Email, Sid Leo SAMORA ~Email, Charles Russell "Chuck" SAMPLE (Deceased) 12/26/48-4/17/94, Charles Arthur "Chuck" SAMS ~Email, Steven Lindy "Steve" SANDLIN (Deceased) 1/14/49-4/8/11, Linda Jeanne SARGENT Evans ~Email, Linda Lee SAUNDERS (Missing), Karen Elizabeth SCHILDKNECHT Mateo (Deceased) 12/8/48-8/16/05, David Charles "Dave" SCHMALE ~Email, Mary Katherine "Mary Kay" SCHNEIDER Wahlgren (Deceased) 9/3/48-6/3/16, James Dale "Jim" SCHODT ~Email, Vicki SCHRECENGOST Carney (Honorary) ~Email, James Owen "Jim" SCHROEDER ~Email, Bruce W. SCHULZ (Missing), , Sharyl Daleen SEBADE Admire ~Email, David Franklin "Dave" SHEELEY ~Email, Patricia Ann "Patty" SHELTON Cooper ~Email, Susan Irene SHEPARD® ~Email, Karen Lea SHERRARD ~Email, Geraldine Mae "Geri" SHIELDS Prentice (Missing), Steven Ward "Steve" SHOCKLEY® ~Email, Nancy Rae SHOWALTER (Missing), Donald Dean "Don" SIEMENS ~Email, Robert Wesley SIMMONS, Russell E. "Russ" SIMPSON, Thomas Clark "Tommy" SIMPSON ~Email, Virgil "Lane" SIMPSON ~Email, William Carl "Bill" SINCLAIR, Sharon Ann SIONS Clemetson ~Email, Richard A. "Rick" SLATER (Deceased) 10/15/49-11/21/10, Allyson K. "Ally" SMITH Dennis, Janet SMITH Watts ~Email, Joan SMITH Schrimpshire, Kathleen Ann "Kathy" SMITH (Missing), Ronny Curtis "Ron" SNOW (Honorary) (Deceased) 11/20/48-2/28/18, Patricia Jean "Patty" SNYDER Taylor ~Email, Joyce Ann SOEHNLEIN Ross ~Email, Alberta "Louise" SOLOMON Valencia (Missing), Sandra Kaye "Sandi" SOMDAHL Naimy ~Email, Linda SOUTHAM Dahlin ~Email, Daniel Louis SPARKS (Missing), Robert James "Bob" SPEED ~Email, Alton L. "Al" SPENCER (Honorary) (Deceased) 10/1/48-11/28/90, Bonnie Ann SPENCER Brown ~Email, Christy Ann SPENCER Peterson ~Email, Paul Clay SPILMAN (Deceased) 9/24/49-8/16/87, Ronald Charles "Ron" St. JOHN ~Email, Carroll Ben "C.B." STACK ~Email, Donna Marie STAMBAUGH Wheeler, Catherine Elizabeth "Cathy" STEACH Morris ~Email, Robert Joe "Bob" STEELMAN ~Email, Michael F. "Mike" STEEN ~Email, James J. "Jim" STEFFENS ~Email, Vicki Lynn STEICHEN Bricker ~Email, Connie Lee STEIN Johnston ~Email, Diana Marie STEMEN Shields (Missing), Wayne Richard STEMEN, Richard Lee "Dick" STEPHENS ~Email, Richard Lee "Rick" STEPHENS (Missing), James Langevin "Jim" STEVENS ~Email, Mary Ellen STEWART Rhodes (Missing), James Anthony "Jim/Stiffy" STIFTER (Deceased) 6/11/49-4/23/13, Daniel Lawrence "Dan" STRASSER ~Email , B. Sharon "Sheri" STRATTON Bradway (Honorary) (Deceased) 1/6/49-1/17/13, Dorothy Lynn STRATTON Haight ~Email, Kenneth Donald "Ken" STREGE ~Email, Brenda Gail STRUNK Klucas (Deceased) 10/28/49-4/16/94, Susan Louise "Suzie"/"Sue" STULL Monk (Honorary) (Deceased) 7/31/49-1/2/10, Susan Kay STUTHEIT Taylor ~Email, Peggy Jo SUNDBERG Mortimer ~Email, Erma Jean SWANSON (Missing), Sherrie Dawn SWANSON Supplee (Deceased) 10/28/49-3/25/17, Sandra Kay SZENDRE Gross ~Email.

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Shari Elaine TADLOCK Anderson ~Email, Edward Houston "Ed" TEMPLE ~Email, Michael Fredrick "Mike" TESKY® ~Email, Nicholas Albert "Nick" THOENNES (Deceased) 12/25/48-11/18/18, Dawn Renee` THOMAS Stuchell (Missing), Leemon "Dale" THOMAS (Deceased) 12/9/48-8/24/11, Patra May THOMAS Colley (Missing), Thomas Neal "Tom" THOMPSON ~Email, Daniel Maurice "Dan" THORNTON ~Email, Karen Jean THORSON Benham® ~Email, Linus D. TOLAND ~Email, Mary "Kay" TONNING Broweleit ~Email, Patricia Anne "Pat" TOWNE Wright, Roger Leon TRIMBLE (Deceased) 5/24/49-6/26/04.

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Jeffrey Alan "Jeff" UPSON (Deceased) 2/25/49-11/1/72.

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Thomas Edmundo "Tom" VALENZUELA ~Email, Sherry VANDERDOES (Honorary) (Missing), Leslie "Brent" Van REENEN ~Email, Kathleen Ann "Kathy" VARLEY Moyer, Richard Adair "Dick" VARVEL ~Email, Frank F. VLACIL Jr, James Edward "Jim" VOILAND ~Email, Donald Dale "Don" VOLKMAN ~Email, Diana Lee Von OLNHAUSEN Ruppert.

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Marcia Lynn "Marci" WADE Hausenbuiller (Deceased) 3/14/49-1/14/19, Maureen WADE Hennessy (Honorary), ~Email, Daniel L. "Dan" WAGENAAR (Deceased) 12/19/48-7/12/69 (Viet Nam), Linda Marie WAITE ~Email, Harry Norman WALKER, Reneé Marie WALTON Fraley ~Email, Katherine Mary "Kathy" WARD Schroeder ~Email, Roy John WARE ~Email, Charlotte WARREN McDonald (Missing), Nancy Ruth WARREN Moyer, Steven David "Steve" WASCHER ~Email, Linda Ruth WATTS Cornett ~Email, Kenneth Wesley "Ken" WEBB ® ~Email, Myra Dee WEIHERMILLER® ~Email, Paul Louis WELLMAN (Deceased) 10/4/49-8/13/18, Bruce Arnold WELLS ~Email, Elena "Lynn" WHEELER Hartung ~Email, Dean Allen WHEELWRIGHT ~Email, Elizabeth "Louise" WHITE Marks (Honorary) (Deceased) 3/15/49-11/7/98, Sheryl Ann WHITE Monnette (Deceased) 3/5/49-2/16/18, Tom WHITNEY (Honorary) ~Email, Sharon Elizabeth WICK Aamot ~Email, John Robert "Bob" WIITALA ~Email, Charlotte Dale WILKES Acree ~Email, Dianne WILLIAMS Park (Missing), Ivadell "Ivy" Pratt WILLIAMS ~Email, Robert Richland "Rob" WILLIAMS ~Email, Christine Allene "Chris" WILSON ~Email, Ronald Spencer "Ron" WILSON ~Email, William Royce "Bill" WINGFIELD ~Email, Steven J. "Steve" WITECK ~Email, Michael Ed "Mike" WOOD (Deceased) 10/5/48-8/5/04, Steven Patrick "Steve" WOOD ~Email, Neale Ernest WOODS ~Email, Don Lee WORKMAN, Jr. (Deceased) 4/3/49-12/28/69, Nancy Elaine WORLEY Pierce ~Email, Scott Sowards WORLTON ~Email, Gaylinn Diane "Gay" WRIGHT Matuska ~Email, James Michael WRIGHT (Missing), Robert Glenn "Bobby" WRIGHT (Honorary) (Deceased) 7/20/49-12/13/79.

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X - Y
Delmar Lamont YEARSLEY ~Email, Norene Elizabeth YEATS (Deceased) 12/4/49-4/2/72, Louis Gerald "Louie" YESBERGER (Deceased) 1/24/49-8/30/17, Naida Kay YOUNG (Missing).

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Lynn Marie ZAHN Nelson (Deceased) 8/1/49-1994, Nancy E. ZIMMERMAN Smith (Missing), Cheryl Anne ZWEIFEL Tofte ~Email.

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