Future Class of '67
Lewis & Clark Elementary
Third Grade ~ Mrs. Klauser's Pioneer Days

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Mrs. Klauser's Third Grade Pioneer Days - 1957-1958
Picture provided by Marilin Greenwell Wolford.

Future class of '67

BACK ROW: 1.JohnOrgille, 2.MikeMaki, 3.BillKaas, 4.DennisHuesties, 5.BrentVanReenan, 6.DavidBishop, 7.GaryMontgomery, 8.Mrs.Klauser.

MIDDLE ROW: 1.EdithTaff, 2.MarciWade, 3.JeffFunderburk, 4.DennisClayton, 5.Dave Marsh, 6.BobbyBaer, 7.DonSiemens, 8.FranklinLong, 9.RodneyCollins, 10.DonVolkman, 11.GayLinnWright.

FRONT ROW: 1.KarenCrowder, 2.SharonPopp, 3.PattyGoodenow, 4.LaVonAcorn, 5.PattyMeador, 6.DianeDeGooyer, 7.MarilinGreenwell, 8.CindyBrasfield.

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